Mind Your Ps and BBQs

With temperatures dropping again, people are warming to the thought of hot, hot food. BBQ, in short. Witness this recent plea from Jeff:

Growing up in the Midwest, I have developed a predilection (or as my wife would call it, an obsession) for BBQ. I enjoy different regional sauces but am still drawn to the more standard Midwestern molasses/ketchup/tomato-based sauces.

Like you, I can almost weep over well-prepared ribs. I have yet to find "that place" that I can call mine. I found a mom-and-pop joint in Kansas City, Missouri, that I'm sure barely passed health inspection, but made me kiss the mama of the place because her sauce was so good. I am looking for that kind of place.

In your (paid) wanderings, have you found "the" BBQ place for Denver? Not the best "North Carolina" style or the best "Texas Style", but what you would consider as hands-down the best place. I keep finding great places, and they keep closing. Blest BBQ, Ollie's Rib Shack, a place off of Parker and Yale. It's rather frustrating, but I like to give my money (and my stomach) to these kind of places.

Help Jeff go for broke. Send your BBQ ideas here. -- Jason Sheehan