What to Wear Fridays: Josh and Tran Wills

Denver's fashion-power couple.
Tran and Josh Wills are always on the go. Not only do they have three lovely children to keep up with, they are the owners of The Fabric Lab boutique at 3105 East Colfax Avenue and are now partners in the new Belmar venture A++, along with several other local Denver designers and artistic types. Their days are filled with meetings with local designers, planning and styling upcoming fashion shows and working on a personal line of their own, chasing their children and minding the stores. So comfort is definitely a top priority. "When I get up in the morning my outfits are planned to be comfy, movable and sooper-duper stylish with my own flava!" Tran says. "You will never see me in just sweat pants and a T-shirt!"

But tonight, the two are getting a sitter so they can "sneak in and out of Denver like the fashion Ninjas we are." First stop: Mezcal, for some tasty snacks and cocktails. From there, they're heading over to The Deep Freeze Adjust the Thermostat Show graffiti at Plastic Chapel (8 West Ellsworth Avenue). They'll end the night at Mario's Double Daughter's Salotto for Subnatural Spin, where their friend DJ Sir Idiom and a host of other DJs will be on the tables disguised in monster outfits designed by local plush artist Lucas Richards. The show will also feature more than fifty of Richards's Horndribble characters. "Josh and I are absolutely in love with these plushy creatures," Tran says.

So what will they wear for the big night? A mix of local designers and great vintage-store finds, natch!

On Tran: Hazell Tea Dress with one-of-a-kind silk screen, $6 Love Las Muertas Skull and Gun Earrings, $38 Nude Fishnet Tights cut into leggings, $3 Vintage leopard heels, $20 Vintage bangles, $4 Vintage bomber jacket, already in her closet

"I love this dress because I can also wear it in the day, from meetings to the grocery store, with a pair of pink ballet flats and a leopard-print cardigan and still look put together and comfy," Tran explains. "Leopard heels and a bomber jacket toughen it up for a night on the town!"

On Josh: Hazell one-of-a-kind screen-print suit jacket, $60 Vintage dress shirt and jeans, already in his closet

"Our best fashion advice is to wear what you love, what is your own personal style, something that is one of a kind," Tran says.