Disappearing Tomato

This Just In: Late word from Stephen Anson, who is now the ex-owner of Wholly Tomato up on the hill at 9th and Lincoln. On Wednesday, Anson announced that his two-year-old "healthy fast-food restaurant" was closed as of immediately, and that he'd been bought out by the guys from Deli Zone in Boulder.

Anson admits that while he considers his first Wholly Tomato to have been a success, he never really made a lot of money with it. What's more, he was actually looking for an out when the Deli Zone guys came calling so that he could focus his energies on the bottling and marketing of Oogave -- his agave-sweetened, all-natural soda -- which he intends on having in the stores by summer.

As for the future? Well, he's hoping to be able to open another Wholly Tomato someday, one that will incorporate "substantial" changes over his first Lincoln Street experiment. But that, according to Anson, will have to wait until after he sees what Oogave can do. -- Jason Sheehan