Up in Arms

I was surprised as anyone that I loved the Palace Arms, the Brown Palace's most august restaurant. Here's a recent letter on that review.

Typical Sheehan. This article typifies why I read Jason's stuff, why I look forward to his next crafted statements. When I read Sheehan, I want to be whisked away to some exotic place, and that is what I've come to expect with his reviews.

It's hard to do that with restaurants in strip malls or the ubiquitous Mexican, Chinese, etc. places dotting the landscape. What I want is to learn of the fine dining spots or remote catches that someone else has researched. Sure, I find 'em on my own, with my wife, but those gems are occasional.

Let Sheehan blaze the trial for me. He has in the past, and I count on it in the future. Before this review, I never seriously considered the Palace Arms. But I'm soon to get a reservation. Thanks, Sheehan.

No, thank you. -- Jason Sheehan