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English Teacher Bob Domonkos Seeks Rappers For "Booty-Centric" Song

Last week, we found this Craigslist ad seeking talented rappers:
Need Rappers for booty-centric rap. I have a song I'd like to see get out there. I'd like to make a video of it as well (I have equipment to effect this). I've taught writing and poetry for a living and I think this little ditty has great potential. It's also raunchy as hell but then so is "Anaconda.’" We could put it on you tube, monetize it and hope it goes viral.
Intrigued, we reached out to the songwriter. His name is Bob Domonkos, and he needs your help.

Domonkos is 60 years old. Over the course of his life, he has been an English teacher, ironworker, milkman, gold miner, and, now, lyricist. He wrote his first rap a few years ago when he was writing and filming a re-creation of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. He liked writing a rap for the movie and suddenly had ideas for more. This time around, he’s written a rap that he thinks is good enough to stand on its own and conquer the Internet. But he needs rappers.

“There’s a certain je ne sais quoi that makes a work click," Domonkos says, "so finding the exact right artist is paramount.”  

To make the song and music video of his dreams, Domonkos will need not only a talented rapper, but also at least one dancer, a male with “a sonorous basso profundo,” and two to three female voices for the chorus. You can contact him at domonkos49 AT if you think you are that perfect partner for this creative endeavor. He’s hoping to audition performers soon. But fair warning: Domonkos says the rap is “quite salacious.”