Word of Mouth

Reader: A Name Change Won't Help With Udi's Identity Crisis

The U Baron Group, which operates the Silvi's Kitchen restaurants in the metro area (along with all of the other former Udi's eateries and bakeries), closed the Colfax Silvi's last fall with plans to reopen with a new name and theme. The result was revealed last month. The name? The Good Son, a play on the Bonfils name that once graced the theater in this complex. And the theme? Detroit-style pizza. That style of pie is generating plenty of comments, but readers have a few other things to say about the makeover. Suggests mklerkin:
They should've named it The Chef Daughter. She is the one coming up with all of the ideas and putting in all of the hard work at the restaurants every day!
Says cadamswift:
Random appetizers, salads, sandwiches, random entrees and pizza. Sounds exactly like what Silvi's, formerly known as Udi's, with just another name change. This company can't figure out what the hell they want and keeps doing the same thing with different names! 
Have you been to the Good Son? What do you think of the redone space? The Detroit-style pizza?