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DJ Cavem Goes Green at Redline...and the White House

Ietef Vita, aka DJ Cavem, is everywhere these days. The 2013 Westword MasterMind  just spoke about his efforts to raise kids right through urban gardening at TedXManhattan, and tonight he's hosting the Denver HipHop Green Dinner at Redline Art Gallery with his wife, Alkemia Earth, a vegan chef who'll do a cooking demo. Although the free food feast is full, you can still come to catch an interactive installation by Jolt, Thomas "Detour" Evans and Hermon Futrell and see the Denver premiere of From Gangs to Gardens, J. Love Calderon's  short documentary that's a finalist in the Social Impact Media Awards, which details Cavem's efforts working with kids in Denver — a city where he had to overcome his own gang ties and troubled past. "I grew up gang-banging and pretty much changed my life after my first trip to Africa," he recalls. "I was about fourteen years old. I began to understand the ideas about different kinds of work for myself."

But the real eye-popping vision will come on Monday, April 6, when Cavem and Alkemia Earth will be at the White House to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" campaign to push for healthy kids. The duo will perform a culinary concert before the annual egg roll. “I’ve been running community events and  educating students for thirteen years," he says. "It’s great to see this happening. Peace, family.”

For more information on tonight's dinner, go to the Facebook page. And to see how the White House gig goes, you can probably tune into any news channel Monday.

Peace, Ietef.