Brad Evans Launches a Campaign Against "Fugly" New Buildings in Denver

Brad Evans, founder of the Denver Cruisers, decided not to run for mayor of Denver — a quixotic mission he'd explored last fall — but he's definitely got a campaign under way. Last week he founded Denver Fugly, a Facebook page dedicated to documenting some of the aesthetic disasters in this fast-growing town. "There's all this shit going up," he says. "Stucco boxes that have no use for being built. People are being lazy."  

And one day the sight of yet another fucking ugly monstrosity put him over the edge. "The word came up: Fugly," he remembers. "That's perfect." So far, he's labeled a half-dozen projects — several of them in Jefferson Park — as "fugly," and he warns that he has "a boatload more." 

You can seem them on the Denver FUGLY Facebook page, which includes Evans's campaign platform:
Denver FUGLY is dedicated to celebrating the stupid crap that’s being built, thought of and done in Denver. Don’t think that this means that this'll be a place where trolls live, nor will it be a free form bitch-fest about petty shit either. Instead, DF's goal is to create an opportunity to discuss the stark differences between what is GOOD and what is FUGLY.

What FUGLY is, and what FUGLY is not, is entirely subjective - the range of what will be featured here as FUGLY - will be open to interpretation. Our passion is to create a place to explore this concept on every possible level - from badly designed developments to poorly executed ideas. It won’t become a conversation where personal attacks will be made, instead it will be about the juxtaposition of what could have been (with just a wee bit more effort) and what corners were cut to arrive at whatever it is that has been selected to be bashed. No matter what the intention was, if it’s FUGLY we're going to expose it for what it is, because ignorance or bad taste certainly isn’t a sufficient excuse for why the FUGLY was allowed to come into being in the first place
We invite you to include your own idea of what FUGLY is to you. We look forward to your ideas about how to put the pressure on civic leaders, developers and concept makers to raise the bar and to demand more from those that are doing stupid shit. We’ll be finding examples of good stuff as well, in an effort to make contrasting examples as to what could have been done.
Let’s get after it at the core of what needs to be exposed and work to stop the stupid, the lazy and the pathetic execution of bad ideas.

With such passion for bringing out the best of Denver — and taking aim at its worst — did Evans decide to skip the run for mayor? "I don't have $600,000," he explains, "but I do have a five-year-old daughter, and spending time with her is a lot more important than anything."

In fact, right now he's with his daughter in Florida, heading for DisneyWorld. Where nothing is fugly.