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Does 9News "Backyard" Segment Pass the Smell Test?

UPDATE: The original video has been pulled from the web. See a screenshot of Sabine and Clark's exchange above.

Fresh off his win for Best TV Anchor in the Best of Denver 2015, Kyle Clark was in the national eye yesterday when a short 9News segment started going viral. Clark was standing with Kathy Sabine and Kim Christiansen in a typical "backyard segment," making jokes about kale and hipsters — but then things went bad when Sabine, the Readers' Choice for Best TV Weathercaster, suggested that her co-workers take a big whiff. Clark misunderstood her request — and things got completely uncomfortable from there, with a side discussion of hairspray. It was April 1, so it all could have been a prank; there were several others on the show yesterday, including a bunny-laden weather graphic for Sabine.

But was it? Here's the answer from Clark: