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Reader: Your Advice on Where to Eat — Especially Italian! — Is Cow Poop

When we revealed the readers' choices for the five finalists in the Best Italian Restaurant category for the Best of Denver 2015, red-sauce fans weren't happy with the lack of spots in northwest Denver. A few mentioned places that had closed years ago, while others offered shout-outs to Lechuga's (which recently changed owners) and the ninety-year-old Patsy's, which is back in the founding family's hands. Says NWDen:
Patsy's still holding down with the homemade spaghetti. It is still the best sauce joint and I love it.

That said, can they clean a little? I am talking about the lamps attached to the walls at each booth. They are gross and filthy. I don't think they have been cleaned since the 70s.

Either clean then or get rid of them. Actually, getting rid of them would be better. I need more room at the table for food. Especially for bread to sop up my sauce.
Adds Shuckinandjivin: 
Does it even matter anymore? It's all going to eventually be razed in order to make more overpriced hideous condos for more and more yuppie shitwads anyway. Nothing is safe in Denver anymore. Especially when our development pandering mayor has 1/4 of his contribution come from out of state development companies. 
And then there's this from Alex:

I've been saying it all along: Westword's advice on where to eat is cow poop...
Read more comments here. The readers' ultimate 2015 choice for Best Italian Restaurant was Osteria Marco; our choice for Best Italian Restaurant in Denver is Panzano. Neither are in northwest Denver — but both are great restaurants. Have you eaten at either lately?