Is Harold Henthorn Unlucky in Love — or a Real Lady-Killer? Watch 48 Hours Saturday

Our March 19 cover story, "Dead Again," told the creepy story of Harold Henthorn, who looked very unlucky in love — two wives dead! — until an investigation into the death of wife Toni raised questions about the Douglas County investigation into the death of his wife, Lynn, seventeen years earlier.  Now you'll get another chance to peer into this case: On Saturday, April 4, 48 Hours will air reporter Peter Van Sant's look at the case in "The Accidental Husband." 

"This is either the unluckiest guy in the world whose two wives have died under freakish, unusual circumstances, or perhaps it's something far more sinister," says Brian Maass, the investigative reporter at CBS4 who was a consultant on the 48 Hours show. "It could be murder."
On May 6, 1995, Harold and Lynn Henthorne had left their home in Englewood for a drive along the South Platte River — but then had trouble with a tire near Sedalia. They stopped to check it — and somehow, Lynn wound up crushed under the Jeep. But officials didn't find anything suspicious about the death.

Not for seventeen years, at least, when Henthorn surprised his wife Toni with a twelve-anniversary trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in September 2012. On that trip, Toni fell to her death. Family members were already wondering about just how accidental that was when Maass got an anonymous tip that said Harold Henthorn's first wife had died in a freak accident, too. "There are so many similarities and so many patterns in these two deaths," says Maass. "Both occured in very remote locations in Colorado. In both cases, Harold Henthorn is the only witness. In both cases, the accident are freakish or bizarre, extremely unusual. He tells lots of different stories. Both wives had a lot of insurance money on them and that he was the only one who was going to benefit from that."

Two years after Toni's death, federal authorities arrested Henthorn and charged him with her murder; he will go on trial this fall. In the meantime, Douglas County is looking again at the death of Lynn.

"The Accidental Husband" will air at 9 p.m. MST on CBS4. Watch a sneak peek here.