Art Review

Four Artists Represent Walker Fine Art’s Entry into the Month of Photography

Walker Fine Art has long included photography in its repertoire, so it makes sense that director Bobbi Walker would come up with something as strong as Unconscious Metaphors for her gallery’s Month of Photography entry.

Two bodies of work by Anne Arden McDonald open the show. First are self-portraits, in which McDonald is posed in the distance in dreamy romance-novel-worthy settings — in front of an old conservatory, for instance, or out in the woods. Second are digitally enlarged contact prints of spores, which have been informally tacked up on the wall.

Three other artists are also given room at Walker. Zelda Zinn has created digitally manipulated images in which she stacks scans of amorphous shapes over those of found antique portrait photos.

Susan kae Grant has done some really remarkable and very compelling dreamscapes; this particular group of black-and-white images concerns circuses, but she also sometimes records nightmares.

Rounding out the festivities are some unusual snow scenes by Bonny Lohtka, which have an odd three-dimensionality that pops into view as you walk by.

Through May 2 at Walker Fine Art, 300 West 11th Avenue, #A, 303-355-8955,