Ten Best Colorado Cities for Families — and Why Denver Didn't Make the Cut

What are the most family-friendly communities in Colorado? came up with a metric (explained in detail below) that factored in safety, housing costs, the quality of local schools and child-friendliness to determine the places that suit families best.

Sorry, Denver: You didn't land in the top ten, winding up at number thirteen. And only a couple of metro-area suburbs made the cut.

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Number 10: Aurora
Safety score: 24
Affordability score: 24
School quality score: 4
Kid-friendliness score: 7
Total: 59

Number 9: Greeley
Safety score: 22
Affordability score: 25
School quality score: 11
Kid-friendliness score: 6
Total: 64

Number 8: Grand Junction
Safety score: 18
Affordability score: 26
School quality score: 17
Kid-friendliness score: 4
Total: 65

Number 7: Boulder
Safety score: 25
Affordability score: 19
School quality score: 22
Kid-friendliness score: 1
Total: 67

Number 6: Colorado Springs
Safety score: 19
Affordability score: 27
School quality score: 17
Kid-friendliness score: 6
Total: 69