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Cassandra Marshall and Pals Accused of Robbing Murder-Suicide Home

Here at Schmuck of the Week HQ, we know full well that schmuckiness can take many forms.

Some can be funny. Some can be gross. Some can be awe-inspiring. And some can be downright disgusting.

If the Colorado Springs Police Department is right, the actions of Cassandra Marshall, Jonathan Mazzella and Eugene Griffin fit snugly within the latter category.

That's because they allegedly took advantage of what's inarguably among last month's most tragic stories — the murder-suicide that resulted in the deaths of Corinne and Bruce Munger — by burglarizing the home where the shocking crime took place.

On April 2, as we've reported, Corinne Munger posted a graphic on her Facebook page.

It reads: "You are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. You are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving. You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself."

The next morning, Corinne was dead, and investigators have concluded that her husband, Bruce, shot her to death before taking his own life.

Most people would react to this news with compassion and empathy for Corinne's friends, family and loved ones.

Perhaps Marshall, Mazzella and Griffin did, too. But the CSPD suggests that they also saw the suddenly vacated house as an opportunity.

On April 14, officers responded to a burglary at the Mungers' former residence, at 1385 Babcock Road in the Springs. They discovered that "unknown suspects had entered the home and stolen numerous items," a police blotter report explains.

Investigators aren't saying how they established probable cause to accuse Marshall, Mazzella and Griffin, but the charges offer a clue — not just burglary, but also false information provided to a pawn shop.

When news broke about the crime, all three of the suspects remained at large. But Marshall and Mazzella were subsequently taken into custody; only Griffin remains on the loose as of this writing.

If you have any information about Griffin's whereabouts or the case in general, you're encouraged to contact Detective Mark Garcia at 719-444-3121 or the general CSPD number, 719-444-7000.

Look below to see a photo of Griffin and the latest mug shots of Marshall and Mazzella.