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Reader: Not Charging Dynel Lane With Murder Will Lead to More Baby Deaths

The Unborn Child Act would have sanctioned a murder charge in cases like the one involving Michelle Wilkins, whose unborn baby was allegedly cut from her womb by Dynel Lane. The baby, a girl named Aurora, later died.

But while Republicans backed the measure, Democrats voted against it in committee, arguing that the proposal's language could have been used as a pretext for establishing life at the moment of conception, as did personhood amendments that have been defeated multiple times in state elections.

The Dems' action led to a robust debate among commenters.

This reader laments the decision and thinks it may result in dreadful consequences.

Scott Cheatham writes:
Surprise! Really? Did anyone think this would pass? Liberal mindsets being what they are. A child is murdered if murdered by someone other than the person carrying them. If not, then it's death by choice and that's okay.... Expect more horrible acts like this.... There is now a precedent.... Sad...very sad....
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