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Reader: If They Could, Developers Would Rip Apart Lakeside and Casa Bonita for Condos

Nothing gets people in Denver more riled up than the ongoing development in this city — and what's happening to the Denver they remember, even though everyone remembers the city differently. Bree Davies, a Denver native, wondered how we can celebrate the new while still keeping the old, while former Denver Public Schools boardmember Andrea Merida took Westword and its "carpetbagger hipster writers" to task for failing to correctly identify "The Northside" — an area where I happen to live. And that prompted another round of debate. Says Johnny:
Just because real estate agents gentrified the neighborhood, hipsters/hipster businesses cover most of lower Lowell. Love how in colorado we destroy or try and change our history to attract more people and make way for new real estate development. Gems like the original Elitch's, the Tivoli Brewing Co, the Cinderella City Mall, Celebrity Sports Center — hell, if they could developers would rip apart Lakeside and Casa Bonita for condos and apartments. It's sad.
Responds Suzanne:
Elitch's, Tivoli Brewing Co, Cinderella City Mall, Celebrity Sports, Lakeside and Casa Bonita were all built by real estate developers in the first place.
What do you think of the development in Denver these days? What do you worry the city will lose next?