Word of Mouth

Reader: Consumers Want Convenience When Buying Alcohol

Colorado's independently-owned breweries and liquor stores have banded together to Keep Colorado Local — and keep supermarkets and convenience stores from selling full-strength beer, wine and other spirits. Their campaign tactics include Colorado LocALE, a new brew created by Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora. But grocery stores have formed their own group, Colorado Consumers for Choice, which may take the question of grocery-store liquor store sales to voters on the November 2016 ballot. And although craft brewers say that could hurt an industry that's definitely proved a liquid asset for Colorado, they'll have to persuade consumers like Matthew, who says:
The consumers just want the convenience of buying from whatever store is closest and open latest. Same reason we voted to legalize Sunday sales.
Colorado lifted the ban on Sunday liquor-store sales, a post-Prohibition law, in 2008; is it time to get rid of other old-time prohibitions? Would you vote to let grocery stores sell full-strength beer and alcohol?