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Reader: Tom Brady Knows If You Ain't Cheating, You Ain't Trying, B*tches

Earlier this week, we noted that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension in the Deflategate scandal might turn out to be bad news for the Broncos.

Even if Brady's suspension isn't lessened, as many observers think it will be, he'll be back long before New England faces off against Denver — and he's likely to be even more motivated than usual.

Considering that Brady is, in many ways, the Broncos' nemesis, it's no surprise that many of our commenters gloried in the announced punishment.

Not everyone felt that way, though, as this post demonstrates.

Kirby D Man writes:
Just more time for the champ to rest his arm and look at all you suckers and laugh. Go patriots. If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying. That's what the army says, bitches.
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