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Reader: RiNo Makes Me Think of East Berlin Before the Wall Came Down

Patricia Calhoun's column about the founders of RiNo and their bid to keep the area wild was a big conversation starter.

Much of the back-and-forth among commenters focused on the names given to certain neighborhoods, including the River North area.

Also of note: an attempt to portray the home above, which is located in the Cole neighborhood, as a part of "Upper LoDo."

Here's the take of a reader who doesn't seem overly impressed by RiNo development.

WillieStortz writes:
When I drive thru the RiNo, all I can think of is East Berlin before the wall came down.

The cheap, poorly built apartments, the sections of housing squeezed in between railroad tracks and highways, the used bathroom appliance store, the constant stench of pig ears and the lack of sidewalks make it feel more like a third world country. One downtick in the economy and that area is going back to the homeless junkies that live along the river., while Zepplin development laughs at all the sucker that bought condos. 
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