100 Favorite Dishes

100 Favorite Dishes: Meatloaf Sandwich at City Bakery Cafe

No. 35: Meatloaf Sandwich at City Bakery Cafe
Last January, Denver bread master Michael Bortz expanded his City Bakery concept to include a full breakfast and lunch cafe on Lincoln Street. The City Bakery Cafe has been serving breakfast pastries, egg sandwiches, soups, and hot and cold deli sandwiches since then to an ever-growing customer base. Daily and weekly lunch specials are a big part of the draw; a recent sandwich on the specials board caught our attention with its homey charm and hearty appeal. The cafe's meatloaf sandwich looks simple enough, but Bortz's attention to detail lifts the humble ingredients to crave-worthy heights. "I come up with the bread first and then build around it," he explains.

Because of the recent cool, wet weather, he was contemplating baked potatoes and came up with an idea to capture their roasty flavor in a loaf of bread. Starting with a base of City Bakery's sourbread dough, Bortz bakes potatoes with a coating of olive oil and salt and throws them whole into the mixer with the dough. "You can see flecks of potato skin in the bread," he notes.

The meatloaf itself is an old, East Coast recipe made with ground beef from Marzcyk Fine Foods. The meatloaf is placed between layers of Tillamook smoked cheddar and then the whole sandwich is grilled until crispy, buttery and golden on the outside. Just the right amount of fat from the tender meatloaf mingles with the cheese to extend the gooiness, making each bite a delectable mingling of beef and tangy cheddar. If that's not enough, the sandwich comes with a side of thick mushroom gravy for dipping and a garnish of sour cream and chives.

Somewhere between a meaty grilled cheese sandwich and a patty melt with an extra boost of flavor, City Bakery's meatloaf sandwich is perfect for cool, rainy weather, but is good enough to be worth a trip to the cafe even on warmer days. This week was only the second time the special has run, but the cafe sold out of meatloaf —  ten pounds of it — by closing time. Bortz says he will probably add the sandwich to his list of rotating weekly specials due to its popularity; in the meantime, call ahead to see it's on the board. And if it's not, Bortz is always cooking up something delightful. For example, he just whipped up a batch of sourdough enhanced with roasted garlic and rosemary that will serve as a base for a grilled chicken sandwich with basil pesto mayo.

Although the Best of Denver 2015 edition is out, we'll keep counting down the contenders for the best dishes in the city in advance of Westword's Dish event on September 20, where many of our Best of Denver winners — along with other favorites — will congregate to serve up small plates. If there's a dish you think we need to try, tell us about it in the comments section, or shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]

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