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Reader: Elitch Lanes Is Fenced Off for Demolition...Sad

The neon clown that once glowed over I-25 from the roof of Pagliacci's is scheduled to be reinstalled today inside Lumina, the massive project that was built on the site of the longtime Italian restaurant. The Pagliacci's clown was a colorful landmark in northwest Denver — which has been losing a lot of them lately. Says Scott:
Sad...I was on Tennyson Street Denver today and they had the Eltich Lanes Bowling alley all fenced off already for demolition....A perfectly good lot was just a few blocks north of there with a for sale sign on it. Think Vitamin Cottage could have gone there?
What landmarks do you miss in Denver? Whether you call it Highland or the Northside, what do you think of the changes in northwest Denver?

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