Word of Mouth

Reader: Change the Attitude or I Give Lo Stella Six Months

Last week Gretchen Kurtz reviewed Lo Stella Ristorante, and the responses have been fast and furious —  largely furious, in the case of Lo Stella owner Alessandro Polo. Later today, we're scheduled to change our commenting system — we're moving to fulltime Facebook — and at that point, all previous comments will disappear from the posts (they'll be archived, however, and we hope to one day return them to their rightful place). In the meantime, if you want to sample one of our most lively restaurant discussions, there's not a moment to waste. Here's a taste of one exchange, which starts with Denver Dave addressing the owner:
Just a word of advice. You come off as very arrogant. Not an attractive quality. My advice, for what it is worth, is to back off from being aggressively defensive. Say something like, "We appreciate your input and will consider your thoughts carefully" might be better. Come off as "fuck you stupid Americans" and hold on to your ass. I think Gretchen (not Gretchel) has earned her reviewer chops. Attacking her makes you look weak. We had been considering your restaurant because we live nearby - now? Not so much. Change the attitude or I give you six months.
Polo's response:
please don't come, I'm too arrogant for you.

are you my daddy? or maybe come and speak to me in person, Denver Dave?

you want to correct my English? should i start speaking to you in Italian, French or Spanish? can you keep up?

speak to me in person, not behind a fake name. i ll see you in six months, genius.
We'll let Polo have the last word. But if you want to read the rest of the comments, you can find them here and here. And feel free to add your own!