Word of Mouth

Reader: Love Me Some Cora Faye's Chicken!

Mark Antonation has been eating at Denver soul-food restaurants all through May for his latest round of Ethniche. His most recent stop was at Cora Faye's Cafe, a decade-old spot on Colorado Boulevard that earned a visit from Guy Fieri. Owner Priscilla Smith is almost as much a draw as the food — which has both fans and foes. Says Nate:
Oh yeah... love some Cora Faye's chicken, red velvet cake waffles and Kool aid... Oxtails are great, too.
But then there's this from Tony:
By far one of the worst highly regarded soul food restaurants. Fried okra was terrible, as was the fried chicken. I tried eating there twice as it is very close to my house. I'm from Alabama and I guess I'm used to much better Southern food. I will not be going back.
Have you been to Cora Faye's? What did you think? When you want fried chicken, where do you go?