Word of Mouth

Reader: About Time Those Eastern Snobs Realized You Can Eat Well Between the Coasts

All aboard for destination eating at Union Station. When the development partners started planning what to put inside the renovated station, they envisioned a place frequented not just by visitors, but by locals. And they succeeded: Union Station has become a go-to spot for Denver diners, and we named it the Best New Restaurant Neighborhood in our Best of Denver 2015 edition. Now Travel + Leisure has hopped on board; the magazine includes two of Union Station's restaurants in its current list of the nine best train-station restaurants in the world. Both Stoic & Genuine and Mercantile Dining & Provision get the nod. Says Joe:

About time those Eastern snobs realized that you can eat well between the Coasts. We've had world-class dining for years in Denver; we're not just Rocky Mountain oysters and craft beer (although there's nothing wrong with craft beer). Mercantile is my favorite restaurant in town — and it doesn't serve bull's balls!
What do you think of the eating options at Union Station? What else would you like to see there?