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Reader: Chris Christie Lost Colorado With His Marijuana Crackdown Pledge

Our post about New Jersey Governor and likely Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie's vow to crack down on Colorado marijuana laws probably didn't prompt many of our readers to offer him campaign contributions.

The comments the item received were overwhelmingly negative.

And we're not just talking about the one that nominated him to become the president of McDonald's.

Here's a sampling of responses:

Alex Amezquita writes:
He just lost Colorado, Washington, etc where MJ is legal.
Mark Raulston writes:
Another smart, capable Republican presidential candidate. Hahahaha! Where the fu¢k are they getting their candidates from? A deranged piñata? Go Bernie Sanders! With competition like this, even with the Republicans' cock money (and Hilary's billions), he may just make it happen.
Devin Bski writes:
That's a great way NOT TO GET elected = another old school Republican who talks about less government but votes for more government = big pharma gives millions to these haters in office to keep people hooked on their poison. Most smart people like the millions that pot sales r generating for schools and greater good instead of givin it to gangs and drug cartels/terrorist on the black market.
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