The Great 2015 Green Chile Debate Jumps to Albuquerque

Since we dished up our 2015 list of the ten best green chiles in Denver two weeks ago, there's been a fiery discussion over which spot serves the best green chile — and the debate has jumped state lines, since many readers claim that that the path to a good bowl of green leads out of Colorado entirely. So many fired-up New Mexican verde fans have responded in our comments section and on our Facebook page that KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque actually picked up the story to bring the fracas to its viewers last night. 

Although no mention was made of the distinct differences between the Colorado and New Mexico styles, KRQE pointed out that homesick New Mexicans can order a green chile kit online from a company called Albuquerque in a Box (was that a can of Hatch brand green chile in the video?).

While we'll continue to praise the best of the best here in Denver, where green chile is thick, porky and clings to burgers, burritos and omelets with equal gusto, we'll give credit to our neighbor to the south for its long history of growing chiles and enticing tourists with its pure and flaming version that doesn't sport even the barest tint of orange. What about you? Are your tastes broad enough to encompass the joys of both styles — or will you always root for the home green as the battle rages on? Let us know in the comments section below.