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Reader: I'm So Sick of Everything Being Blamed on Pot

Thomas Mitchell recently wrote about an MSU Denver study looking into the impact of marijuana legalization.

The report's authors found that both crime and homelessness appear to have gone up in Denver since recreational sales launched, although linkage to cannabis proves elusive — and a city representative suggests that the crime boost likely has other explanations

The post generated some passionate responses.

In the one below, a reader expresses frustration at what he sees as a failure to accentuate the positive when it comes to marijuana.

Keith Blaisdell writes:
I'm so sick of everything being blamed on pot, negative on everything and anything to attach the word "pot" to it. You don't see the amount of money being bragged about, or how the state wants to keep millions in extra taxes from the sale of "pot." Move on. Homeless people have been in Denver for decades.
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