Photos: Dangerous Ways America Used to Celebrate 4th of July Fireworks

During the run-up to July 4 a couple of years ago, we shared some amazing ads spotlighting weird and/or offensive fireworks from days gone by from a collection curated by

A return trip to the site reveals another treasure trove of images — a gallery of antique fireworks postcards that shows how times have changed when it comes to the ways we deal with fireworks.

Today, we're inundated with warnings about using sparklers, fountains and more high-flying fireworks as safely as possible — and keeping them away from kids unless they're being carefully supervised by adults.

In contrast, the post cards feature image after image of tiny tots playing around with crackers that look like sticks of dynamite and danger being played for laughs, as in the image above, which depicts a pooch at risk of having his head blown off.

Check out ten amazing examples below, and be sure to stick around long enough to see the last one, which comes across as hilariously sexual — although maybe that's just us.