Matthew Burry's Wife Defends Sex Offender Accused of Fatal Child Abuse

Update: A jury has acquitted Matthew Burry in the death of his child. For more information, click to read the August 18, 2017 post headlined "Why a Jury Acquitted a Sex Offender for Killing His Baby." See our previous coverage below.

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Yesterday was a busy one for Matthew Burry.

First, he appeared in court after being formally charged with child abuse resulting in death.

The victim was his four-and-a-half-month-old son, Dominic.

Meanwhile, a report revealed that Burry is a registered sex offender whose parole was temporarily revoked last year.

As noted in his online obituary, Dominic was born on December 11, 2014 and died on March 26, two days after Matthew called 911 from the Westminster apartment where the family lived to say the child, who'd been born prematurely, was unresponsive.

Matthew's wife, Brittany, regularly wrote journals about the events in her life, including the passing of the child she nicknamed "the Dominator."

In her account, she noted that Dominic went through "a tragic event that spiraled into multiple other events ultimately forcing his family to make a very difficult decision to let him go.

"The entire thing lasted about 38 hours. On March 26, 2015 at exactly fifteen-week-old, little Mr. Dominic Burry passed away peacefully in his mother's arms."

Matthew wasn't immediately arrested in the case. However, investigators made note of what looked to them like a strike mark on the child's face.

Likewise, they flagged a journal entry in which Brittany is said to have "expressed concern about Matthew striking Dominic in the stomach and abusing their pet dog" prior to the child's death.

In an interview with Fox31 earlier this month, after Matthew was charged, Brittany acknowledged that her husband had made contact with Dominic on March 24 out of frustration that the baby wouldn't stop crying. However, she insisted that he didn't hit the boy. Rather, he gave him a "tap."

She also told the station, "Matt is a wonderful man and I'll stand by him through it all. I lost my child. I do not want to lose my husband."

Meanwhile, information surfaced about Burry's sex-offender past. His page on the Colorado Bureau of Investigations registry reveals that he was convicted of felony sexual assault in November 2000.

The case involved a fourteen-year-old boy, Fox31 reveals.

At the time of the incident, Burry was eighteen and living in the Family Adolescent Institute in Wheat Ridge. Burry was accused of sodomizing the teen and twice forcing him to perform oral sex on him.

Initially, Burry was given a ten-years-to-life sentence of intensive supervision, the station points out — but the next year, he violated probation and was sent to prison for two years.

He received parole in 2012, but it was revoked in January 2014. He was paroled again four months later.

Brittany wouldn't say if she was familiar with Matthew's sex-offender past at yesterday's court appearance.

Look below to see Burry's booking photo.

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