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Reader: Buying a House in Denver Isn't as Good an Investment as You Think

The issue of current housing costs in the Denver area remains a hot one — and so, too, is the debate about renting versus buying.

We recently posted about a RealtyTrac survey showing that renting a three-bedroom property was more affordable than paying the mortgage on one in three of five metro-Denver counties.

Plenty of readers felt this finding was hooey. But one questioned the common wisdom that buying a house is a great investment.

Here's what he had to say.

David Thead writes: 
Your primary residence isn't considered an investment for tax, accounting, or financial purposes. It doesn't count towards your net worth as an investor either. It's also a bad one....

If you invested the money you saved every year from not overpaying for a home, and invested it index based funds then your money would appreciate much faster than it would in a home.
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