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The Nine Types of People You Meet at Global Dance Festival

Global Dance Festival took over Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the weekend — the last true, unapologetic rave at this historic frontier. EDM lovers brought the heat, the light-up swords and the cannabis. The artist sets are stacked one on top of another, giving you no time in between to lose interest or your buzz. Fluorescent explosions of light hit you in the face as your body moves, without your conscious knowledge, to the beat. Here are ten people you meet at Global Dance Fest:
9. Beaded Fairy Nymph
The bead-wearing fairy nymph is one of the most eccentric mythical rave creatures you will find at Global. She dances melodically, her wings hitting you in the face if you're passing by in the crowd. The beaded fairy nymph is very giving, and if she holds up a peace sign toward you, it means she wants to give you a beaded bracelet in the ceremonial ritual: peace, then heart, then interlock fingers.
8. White People in Native American Headdress
White people in Native American headdresses don't mean to offend you, but they probably will, anyway, especially if they're drinking a PBR. Classic white people.

7. The Mermaid
Another one of the elusive rave mythical creatures, the Mermaid will be rocking fluorescent hair and a sequined bra, and she will be singing siren songs of Benny Benassi or Kill the Noise.

6. The photographer who is tripping balls 
God knows who gave him a press pass, but there’s always a photographer tripping harder than anyone in the joint. Because of the ease of digital cameras,  he will have thousands of photos of how cool the sky looked, and about 500 to delete because they’re terrible.

5. Bro, you think you can dance?
This type of bro is full of Colorado pride and thinks he can dance — which in this case involves an awkward swaying back and forth to the beat, or grinding on the girl-bro in front of him. 

4. Girl who spent $600 on her outfit but isn’t wearing pants
She is often wearing several pieces of animal — cat ears, a foxtail and a unicorn horn — and you can’t quite make out which she is. Her favorite band is rainbows and her favorite color is glitter. She came to be seen, and ferociously shakes her head when the camera catches her on the big screen.
3. Space Wookiees
They're just like regular hippies but they're from space. They're often wearing a muzzle of beads dipped in vapor rub to enhance their experience here on Earth. Don't worry, they come in peace.
2. Security guy who seriously gets down
The security guard who is the best dancer in the whole place, who shines in booty shaking, twerking and being the most relatable security guard every year. Do you, Wayne. Do you.
1. The dream of the ’90s is alive at Global
They’ve been religiously feeding their Tamagotchi for two decades. It's a good, stable relationship.