Literary Calendar: Three Book Events in Denver July 27-30

Author appearances this week bring a dark, surreal dream-weirdness in convenient contrast to our sunny, deep-summer vibe. In Bridget Foley's Hugo & Rose, a dream-cum-reality comes with obsession and threat, while Josiah Hesse's Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake follows the subconscious slow leak of a lost man's childhood trauma. But for the light stuff, Lighthouse Writers Workshop will kick off its Write Denver Project, where participants can capture a sense of place.

Bridget Foley, Hugo & Rose

Tattered Cover Aspen Grove
7 p.m., Tuesday, July 28
Reasonably happy suburban housewife Rose conjures up a recurring dreamworld in Bridget Foley's Hugo & Rose, but when Rose runs into Hugo, a recurring character in her dream, in real life, her increasing obsession threatens to destroy both her reality and dream world. Somewhat inspired by Foley's own childhood in the Denver suburbs — which provides the setting — the book is Foley's debut; she'll be back home to read and sign at the newest Tattered Cover.

Lighthouse Writers, Write Denver
Ellie Caulkins Opera House
Noon to 2 p.m., Wednesday, July 29
The first manifestation of former Lighthouse resident Tessa Cheek's vision of "literary place-making," Write Denver starts today as a way to put writing about Denver on the map — literally, since Lighthouse will conduct guided tours of spots around the city during which tour-goers will be offered writing prompts. Among other things, the Write Denver Project will tie the writing participants produce to an interactive map of Denver. "It's free, and all we ask is that people just show up at noon," says Lighthouse communications coordinator Tiffany Tyson. As an added enticement, she notes, "There's going to be a complimentary drink." Hey now! 

Today's tour is the first in the series; more are in the works.
Josiah M. Hesse, Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake
Denver Public Library
7 p.m., Friday, July 31

Denver author and Westword contributor Josiah Hesse draws on his own experience as a "refugee of the 1990s Christian youth revival movement" in Carnality: Dancing on Red Lake, in which a feral young man living in an abandoned hotel on an island slowly recalls and comes to terms with the past that got him there. And that past is pretty fucked up. A nightmare ride through its narrator's bizarre subconscious and equally bizarre waking life, Carnality is a bracingly weird fiction debut from Hesse.

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