Vomitstep Is a Thing Now, Thanks to DJ Snails

Yes, vomitstep is a thing. The dubstep world has outdone itself with this gross new form of music that's like dubstep, but "wobblier." To politely vomitstep, make sure you are near a toilet or have a barf bag on hand. 

EDM music is known for its bizarre off-set of genres. They include — but are not limited to — house, trance, techno, dubstep, luvstep, brostep, thugstep, drum and bass, drumstep, jump-up, trap, garage, grime, happy hardcore...and the list goes on. So how do you wade through the complex layers of EDM — and how can you be expected to want to wade through something as vile-sounding as "vomitstep"?

The innovative DJ Snails has been credited with coining the term back in 2012. His EP release last month was called #FreeTheVomit and featured two original tracks as well as a VIP song with UK Jackin's Ghastly. The EP is available now for free download on iTunes. 
Snails's first track from #FreeTheVomit, called "Murda Sound," accumulated over 265,000 plays on Soundcloud within the first month. Listening to it, the most obvious difference you discern between dubstep and vomitstep is the heavy, dark and intense use of synth in the drop. It's like dubstep on acid. But wait, isn't that called acidstep? So it must be like acidstep on acid.

Snails may have invented the sub-genre, but he's not the only artist dropping music with a signature vomitstep sound. Others include AngOokie, Dirty Low, Luey Beatz, Brillz, Brawl, Monster Jellyfish and more. They all seem to straddle the line between dubstep and something more insane and synth-excessive, which is the essence of vomitstep. 

Snails encourages you to download the Vomit bundle pack through bit torrent and then see him at RowdyTown4 with Big Gigantic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on September 26.

In the meantime, here are a few more reviews from the listeners of Soundcloud. Our personal favorite? "The drop sounds like me throwing up blahhhhhhhhhhh." - Bobby Jurrist