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Reader: Pot Edibles Make Me Pukey and Sad — but F*ck the CDC Anyhow

The comments are still rolling in regarding the Centers for Disease Control's decision to use the 2014 death of Levy Thamba in a nationwide warning about the risks of cannabis edibles.

The Denver coroner's office listed marijuana intoxication as a contributing factor in the accident that killed Thamba, a college student who fell from an upper-floor balcony of a local hotel.

Many of the readers who responded to a previous Comment of the Day suggesting that the CDC is full of shit when it comes to marijuana contrasted the dangers of alcohols as compared to pot.

As for this commenter, she acknowledges that she doesn't react well to edibles — but still has negative things to say about the feds' way of dealing with the issue....

Karen Christie writes:
Edibles make me sick. Motion sick, pukey, sad. There's a subset of the population that doesn't metabolize it very well. One 10mg gummy bear will do it to me. A responsible society doesn't hide that. On the other hand, fuck the CDC.
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