Photos: See the Ten Best-Performing Colorado Stocks

Want to invest in Colorado?

If so, there are plenty of publicly traded Colorado companies.

But which are the ones that are most likely to offer you a return on your money?

To find out, Smart Asset looked at Colorado-based stocks over approximately a five-year period, from January 2010 through March 2015, as judged by three major factors: stock price, dividends paid and volatility. And the following ten Colorado companies scored highest.

Not all of the top ten are well-known. Indeed, with the exception of two familiar restaurant chains, a firm specializing in dialysis services and a certain satellite-cable provider, many of them won't be familiar to the average person. But they may be worth mentioning to your broker.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten here, followed by a description of methodology — and to visit the original Smart Asset post, click here.

Number 10: Air Methods Corp.
Market Cap Category: Small Cap
City: Englewood, CO
Annual Return: 31.7 percent
Volatility: 38.94 percent
Stock Performance Index: 49.00

Number 9: Heska Corporation
Market Cap Category: Small Cap
City: Loveland, CO
Annual Return: 37.47 percent
Volatility: 44.64 percent
Stock Performance Index: 49.75

Number 8: Synergy Resources Corporation
Market Cap Category: Small Cap
City: Platteville, CO
Annual Return: 46.19 percent
Volatility: 51.66 percent
Stock Performance Index: 51.38

Number 7: Dish Network Corp.
Market Cap Category: Large  Cap
City: Englewood, CO
Annual Return: 27.39 percent
Volatility: 29.62 percent
Stock Performance Index: 52.28

Number 6. Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Inc.
Market Cap Category: Small Cap
City: Greenwood Village, CO
Annual Return: 36.09 percent
Volatility: 38.86 percent
Stock Performance Index: 52.41