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Twenty Amazing New Street Art Murals in Denver — Summer 2015

Summer has been a great street-art season. The city has welcomed over 100 new murals this season, ranging from pieces done with Urban Arts Fund grants to the Namta Mural Project to private commissions. We scouted out every mural we could find, and narrowed down the offerings in this incredible outdoor gallery to twenty amazing street-art murals that made Colorado even more beautiful this summer.
20) Calvin Wong, Oliver Hawk and TLTV
RiNo Arts District

Bay Area street artists Calvin Wong, Oliver Hawk and Tenderloin Television came to Denver to paint an alleyway collage mural in conjunction with Colorado Crush, happening September 14 through September 20. This crew hailing from Good Mother Gallery got a jump on Crush, with help from Jonathan Lamb of Like Minded Productions in curating the location. 
19) Jason Thiekle
3200 Pecos Street

Jason Thiekle is the mind behind the mural that appeared at the new Avanti Food & Beverage, and quickly snagged a spot on our list of best street art in Denver restaurants. Thiekle has had a busy summer, designing everything from gallery shows to road bikes. Follow this street artist's adventures here
18) Victoriano Rivera
1866 South Broadway

Victoriano Rivera's created this piece at Regal Vintage, based on a fresh to death young man, a portrait Rivera found on the internet. Rivera can create freehand with aerosol, a street talent that is not taken lightly. See another piece by Rivera on the Meininger Art Wall. 
17)  Gemma Danielle 
324 South Broadway

Push Fitness commissioned this absolutely breathtaking indoor mural by local artist Gemma Danielle, another artist making our restaurant list for her outstanding, sacred geometry mural on the exterior of Crema. The Push piece took her mandala artwork to the next level. A gold-leaf paint was used in one of the most time-consuming projects Danielle has taken on to date, with stunning results. The mural adds a powerful revitalization purpose to the space as well: "Each line and each shape is a prayer for empowerment, energy, and alignment," Danielle writes on her Facebook page. See more of Danielle's work at Svper Ordinary from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Sunday, August 30, at the opening reception for Of Eros & Psyche, a show featuring the work of four female artists: Katherine Rutter, Lauren Napolitano, Rachel Paton and Danielle. 16) Mike Graves and Pat Milbery
3602 East Colfax Avenue

Adorning the west-facing wall of Lost Lake is a dope, PBR commission painted by Pat Milbery and Mike Graves. The piece shows off Graves's mastery of mural work, no matter what the content. He and Milbery brought this wall to life with a colorful, playful chicken-fish character. This summer, Graves also painted at the InkMonstr Hootenany 25, thrown by Breckenridge Brewery, and created murals on cars for the Denver Art Museum's First Free Saturday. 
15) Anthony Garcia and Caleb Hahne
 2260 East Colfax Avenue

The fine art curators at ABend Gallery have done something exceptional with the wall facing York street: They commissioned local artists Anthony Garcia and Caleb Hahne to paint a mural combining Hahne's emotive, statuesque characters with Garcia's bold color lines and surreal spacial concepts; the duo finished the mural last weekend. Follow Garcia and Hahne on Instagram to see more of their work around town, including Hahne's piece on the Meininger Art Wall
14) David Garcia
7175 West 16th Avenue

The West Colfax Mural Festival was blessed to have the work of influential artist David Garcia grace the largest wall, west-facing in the 40 West Arts District. Garcia's mural exemplifies the cultural understanding of different generations, the combinations of culture and heritage in the West Colfax neighborhood. Focusing on life, growth and love, this mural tells a story of the artists' influence on their hometown.
13) Mon and Sense
2250 15th Street

Japanese artists Mon aka Koutaro Ooyama and Sense aka Yoshinori Sakamaki painted intricate, side-by-side must-see murals at Confluence Park, continuing to add to the international gallery of artists hosted by the Urban Arts Fund, thanks to Denver Arts + Venues. Traveling all the way from Osaka, Japan, Mon and Sense worked with the city to add their signature to this spot on the Cherry Creek Bike Path. Sense painted the smaller, geometric piece on the left, adjacent to Mon's enormous, aboriginal-on-acid piece on the right.

12) Greetings from Denver
1695 Platte Street

Wish you were beer! Denver Beer Co. sanctioned this amazing "Greetings from Denver" mural painted by the national touring artists initiative Greetings Tour, made up of mural artist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs. The second "E" was painted by Denver native Jolt, with his Guerilla Garden signature and incorporation of the northside neighborhood he grew up in. The Greetings Tour has a letter guide attached to each of their unique, mural postcard stops: "D – Denver skyline, Gold Nuggets, E – Winter sports, Denver Beer Co, The Rockies, N – Denver Art Museum, Red Rocks, V – Union Station, E – Local Artist: Jolt, R – Denver Nuggets, Broncos, Denver Airport." And, of course, the Rockies in the background. 
11) Plaant
2900 Welton Street

Plaant aka David Bywater painted the north facade of this 2900 block building, just up the street from Station Co. at 2735 Welton Street, an art gallery and street wear shop owned by Bywater, Allen Pettenger, and Mario Conte. The murals true size stretches three times that of the detail photo above. Bywater's insatiably imaginative character scenes are always a welcome addition to the Curtis Park and Five Points neighborhoods; he also often works in collaboration with Berk Visual and 84 Pages. No matter where he paints, Plaant is making moves. See more of his work on Instagram
10) Pat Milbery and Pat McKinney
3602 East Colfax Avenue

This cat is cool as hell. And by cat, we mean both the "Colfax Is For Lovers" cat mural painted on the east-facing wall of Lost Lake, as well as the two cats who painted it, Pat MIlbery and local illustrator Pat McKinney. As a part of Sognar Productions, Milbery is all over Colorado, teaching snowboarding in the winter and painting street art in the summer. 
9) Jaime Molina
2250 15th Street

Jaime Molina created a new mural right across Cherry Creek from the mural he painted last year with Pedro Barrios. Molina's new Confluence Park mural features some of his classic Cutty heads in balanced color schemes, from beautiful and dark to pastel and feminine. To create the mural, Molina collaborated with some of the youngest Denver street artists on the scene: He let a bunch of kids help paint, adding to the background and even smaller details (pictured above). One of the talented young artists described the painting venture as "the best day ever."
8) Sandra Fettingis
2350 Arapahoe Street

To bid adieu to her artist's residency at RedLine, Sandra Fettingis finished a stunning mural on the east-facing wall of the gallery. It recalls the feel of the vines that grow up and down the Cherry Creek Bike Path, where Fettingis found her inspiration earlier this summer. Her meticulous detail and line work make this mural special, a fitting companion for the wheat-paste photographs decking the RedLine walls.
7) Agustina Woodgate
RedLine, Confluence Park

This Argentinian artist has included Denver in her epic, worldwide street-art mission. The piece here, "Hopscotch Denver," was painted with numbers in a series that stretches from here to North Carolina, Miami, Argentina and Poland. According to Agustina Woodgate, the work is "an ongoing site-specific street intervention inspired by the ancient popular street game, except this one is hundreds of numbers long. The expanded game reminds us of our innocence while exhausting as our urban surroundings."
6) Delton Demarest
2715 17th Street 

If Denver were a hive, beer would be the pollen. The soon-to-open LoHi Recess Beer Garden commissioned a fun mural by local artist Delton Demarest, an interactive scene with ladybugs, bee, dragon fly and praying mantis carrying beer kegs as if they were pollen. See another stunning mural by Demarest, a series of dead musician triptychs, on the garage doors of the new Cross Genetics. 
5) Patrick Kane McGregor
2700 Larimer Street

Cue the Lion King music. In honor of Leo's birthday month, Patrick Kane McGregor used the often-changing wall of Cold Crush to create this hand-painted lion. McGregor works locally with the national sign-painting company Colossal, and occasionally takes on passion projects like the lion above, or the image of his dog painted at the West Colfax Mural Fest
4) Jet Martinez 
Colfax and Speer, along the Cherry Creek Bike Path

In June, San Francisco-based artist Jet Martinez took to the Cherry Creek Bike Path where, with help from Blackbook Gallery and Denver Arts + Venues, he created this signature flower mural. With shades of gray and black, boldly patterned lines, and pops of blue with a gold-lining, this piece is a great addition to a high-traffic spot on the path. Follow Martinez on Instagram to see more of his amazing work. 
3) Scott Albrecht and Hyland Mather
2700 Larimer Street

Scott Albrecht and Hyland Mather collaborated on this new River North mural, popping off the wall next to the "Larimer Boy and Girl" by Jeremy Burns. The piece was curated by Like Minded Productions and coincided with Albrecht's show at Svper Ordinary Gallery in August. Follow Albrecht and Mather on Instagram.
2) Meininger Art Wall
499 Broadway 

This stunning outdoor art installation, the brainchild of Judd Meininger, features seven murals, some of which are still in process since the seven artists are sharing a lift. The final three yet to paint are Pedro Barrios, Gamma Acosta and Mando Marie; Jaime Molina, Victoriano Rivera, Molly Bounds and Caleb Hahne have already made their contributions. "The artist's job is a gift. If you lose the artist as a serious human being, treat them just as a part of your business or commission for your work, you're missing the whole point," Meininger explains. "We want to define our own voice before anyone can for us. It's an outdoor museum, that's what art is now. This is a gallery for people that could never go to expensive museum shows. This is home to us. I try to help artists every day. That's my job."
1) Christina Angelina in Aspen
300 East Hyman Avenue

One of the busiest international street artists, California's Christina Angelina came back to the square state she loves to paint one of her most ambitious creations: this three-story bobcat and female feline on the wall of the Crystal Palace in Aspen. As part of the Gravity Experience, Angelina was commissioned to create a work using muse Alea Rain as the subject for the piece. Follow Angelina on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for more work by the artist all over the Mile High.

Lindsey Bartlett is a Denver native, photographer, writer, and lover of street art. Creep it real on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.