Why Did Josh Canvasser Resign From City Board? Maybe Because He's in Jail

It's one of the more bizarre series of events in recent Colorado municipal history.

Joshua Canvasser was appointed to serve on the board of the Longmont Housing Authority. But when it came time for him to do so, the City of Longmont couldn't find him.

One possible reason: Canvasser is homeless. Another potential explanation: He might be in jail.

Whatever his current location, he's no longer on the board — by his own choice. He's submitted a letter of resignation.

The entire saga has been documented by the Longmont Times-Call, which first reported about the situation earlier this month.

Longmont City Clerk Valeria Skitt told the paper that when Canvasser applied to serve on the board of the LHA, whose mission is to "provide a broad range of safe, decent, affordable housing and services to income qualified households in the Longmont community," he provided a post office box in lieu of a physical address — but mail sent there was returned. Subsequent efforts to reach him via phone or through his employer failed.

The piece makes no mention of Facebook — and not only does Canvasser have a page, but he posted on it quite often until recently. Among the items shared are a slew of photos, including this one....

...and this one:

The most recent text-only post, meanwhile, appeared on August 11, a day before the first Times-Call article.

The unedited copy reads: "Hey it good to know when you care for someone they treat you like trash. Do all they can to hurt you. Tear you down a lil more everyday I wish I never meet Hal the ppli know. But I hope you the best. In done."

The next day, a Times-Call followup notes, someone with Canvasser's name was booked into Boulder County Jail on drug and assault charges.

Longmont officials still haven't confirmed that the two Canvassers are one and the same. However, a new Times-Call report reveals that Canvasser sent the city a letter of resignation that reads in part, "Unfortunately at this time I am not in a position to fulfill that role as I originally thought I could."

Plans are now in the works to re-advertise the housing authority position. We're guessing applicants will be asked for multiple forms of contact information.