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Marijuana Strain Review: White Fire OG from Mile High Green Cross

The best way to make people want something is to tell them they can’t have it. Every time I drove by Mile High Green Cross on my way home from work in the past, I wanted to stop in — badly — but couldn’t. The medical-only dispensary’s reputation for OG strains and potent buds was like a party I hadn’t been invited to. So when a friend told me that the shop went dual-sales last month, I sprinted right over to 852 Broadway.

To my initial dismay, the entire recreational lineup had been bought from a wholesale grower because Mile High’s recreational crops weren’t ready yet. But there was good news: My budtender said the wholesaler was Kind Love, a Glendale medical dispensary that has a great reputation. So I asked her what strain was the hardest to keep on the shelf. She said the alpha of the lineup was White Fire OG — a thoroughbred of a strain born from Fire OG and The White genetics. The nugs on display at Mile High were a beautiful mixture of green, white, purple and orange; this love-at-first-sight cost $12.12 per gram after tax.

Also known as WiFi OG, White Fire OG is a sativa-leaning hybrid that inherited some prime characteristics from its parents. Earthy diesel scents from its Fire OG father stunk up my car within minutes, and my kitchen seconds after I opened the bottle. Its beauty must’ve come from its aptly named mother: Each cone-shaped bud was a vivid green blasted in a shroud of white trichomes, with small hints of purple inside the calyxes and a few orange hairs sprouting at the tips.

I inhaled two Volcano bags at around 300 degrees, and each one tasted like spicy bark. A fresh bowl in my pipe tasted much the same. It wasn’t a foul taste, but I’d hoped for more soil and diesel notes considering how skunky my car smelled. But the high was great nonetheless. I blew through preparing a chicken Caesar salad for lunch, ate it with measured ferocity and went back about my day with a stoney bliss that lasted into the late afternoon. Those looking for sativa effects and some appetite help without the paranoia need look no further: The White Fire OG at Mile High Green Cross is here for you. Let’s just hope the dispensary’s own buds can meet the same standard when they replace Kind Love’s.

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