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Reader: Here's Why You Shouldn't Buy Marijuana on Pot-Tax Holiday

Our Ask a Stoner columnist recently sat down with Governor John Hickenlooper.

Among the topics they discussed was the upcoming marijuana-tax-holiday: September 16.

Among the interesting responses to the conversation (which also included Andrew Freedman, Colorado's director of marijuana coordination, was the following take.

In it, a reader argued against buying marijuana on the 16th while throwing an elbow at supporters of presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders — and several others pushed back.

Bret Egan writes:
I challenge stoners, who normally advocate higher taxes for everyone else, especially those who are "feeling the Bern," to avoid buying weed on the tax holiday.
Ruth Hartsell writes:
What about those of us with our heads screwed on straight and haven't felt the Bern? Less taxes means more money in my pocket. Am I good to go?
Leon Wilcox writes:
I don't know anyone that smoke weed who advocates for higher taxes, sorry.
Glenn Boyd writes:
Maybe you need to light one up, bro.