Denver Broncos 2015 Season Preview: Meet 7 Rookies Who Made the Team

On Sunday, September 13, your Denver Broncos officially start the 2015-2016 season against the Baltimore Ravens.

And when you watch the game, there's a good chance you'll see some new faces.

Seven rookies made the main 53-man roster, as opposed to the practice squad. Six of them, including linebacker and number one draft choice Shane Ray, are prominently featured in the Broncos' indispensable and ultra-thorough media guide, which offers scads of background.

What about the seventh, tight end Mitchell Henry? Not only wasn't he featured in the media guide, but at this writing, the team's website presents him as practically a mystery man, as a screen capture below demonstrates.

In an event, you could be seeing all seven on the field this weekend, with the likely exception of third-string quarterback Trevor Siemian — but since he's from Northwestern, an alma mater of mine, he's getting some spotlight time anyhow, damn it! Get to meet him and his fellow new Broncos below.