Five Large Colorado Cities With the Safest Drivers

We recently shared with you an updated list of Denver's most dangerous intersections.

Now, a look at the other side of the risk equation on the roadways.

Allstate has just come out with its annual America's Best Drivers Report, which looks at driving in the 200 largest cities in the country.

Five Colorado communities are included, and three of them finish in the national top 25.

Sorry: Denver isn't one of them.

Look below to count down the photo-illustrated Colorado top five, complete with Allstate data. That's followed by the complete report, featuring all 200 cities. To learn more, click here.

Number 5: Aurora, Colorado (National Ranking: No. 118)

Avg. Years Between Accidents: 8.5

Relative Accident Likelihood (Compared To Nat’l Avg.): +18.3%

2014 Safest Driving City Ranking: 115

Change From 2014 To 2015: -3

2015 Population Density Ranking: 137

2015 Rain And Snow Ranking: 125

2015 Drivewise Braking Events per 1,000 Miles: 19.1