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Reader: Denver Is a Great Food City, But the Barbecue Isn't Good

Where there's smoke, there's ire! We just served up our summer 2015 edition of the Ten Best Barbecue Joints in Denver — a project that involved eating, and eating, and eating lots of good barbecue. But while one reader thinks Denver's a great food city, he isn't impressed with the barbecue scene. Says Robert:
Denver is a GREAT food city. One of my most favorite food towns, but I have to wait until I’m back in the South before I try looking for some good Q. In the 30+ years I have been here in Denver, there’s only been one good Q place and it’s been closed now for 20 years! And if you put any damned ketchup in the sauce, I won’t eat the Q. The correct ingredients are yellow mustard and vinegar. Not one place in Denver has a good sauce, and I am not about to waste my $$$ hunting for it. BBQ is way overpriced in Denver as well.
Do you agree that the barbecue is disappointing in Denver? Or do you think Robert needs to get a 'cue? Post your favorite barbecue joints in the comments section.