See One Year's Worth of Drug, Gun and Money Seizures in Colorado Springs

In recent days, the Colorado Springs Police Department released its annual report for 2014.

The 76-page document, included below in its entirety, features a huge cache of information.

But some of the most intriguing material pertains to the activities of the department's Metro Vice, Narcotics & Intelligence (MVNI) division — and particularly what are referred to as its narcotics street teams.

The report makes it clear that the War on Drugs is far from over via documented narcotics seizures. Included: more than seven pounds of heroin, over six pounds of cocaine and nearly sixty pounds of marijuana determined to violate current law

See photos of the seizures below, along with text from the report that concludes with an account about the bust of a Mexican national known as Berto who "was distributing large quantities of heroin and cocaine throughout the Colorado Springs area." That's followed by the complete report.

The MVNI Division has two “street teams” that are primarily concerned with investigation of street-level narcotics sales and distribution. The teams normally focus on the end level dealer and intermediate suppliers. As the network is identified, the teams will then coordinate with the DEA Task Force to continue the case up the distribution chain. In addition, these teams conduct liquor enforcement, marijuana enforcement, and prescription fraud.

During 2014, the two street teams were responsible for:

328 Felony arrests
7.5 lbs. heroin seized
6.1 lbs. cocaine seized
57.1 lbs. marijuana seized (in violation of current law)
25.8 lbs. methamphetamine seized
45.14 lbs. synthetic THC (Spice) seized
$228,493 in U.S. currency seized
141 weapons seized

In March 2014, one of the many cases that MVNI detectives investigated involved a Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO) case that began with a traffic stop by a Stetson Hills patrol officer. Based on information provided by the patrol officer, MVNI detectives began an investigation involving a group of Mexican nationals that were suspected of distributing narcotics throughout the community. Detectives conducted surveillance on an apartment located in the northern part of the city and were able to positively identify the apartment as a narcotics stash house.

In April 2014, tactical officers executed a search warrant on the apartment. As a result of the investigation, MVNI detectives recovered 399 grams of cocaine, 1,643 grams of heroin, 1,664 grams of methamphetamine, $52,984 in U.S. currency, and two handguns.

In September 2014, Metro VNI detectives initiated a case into the distribution of heroin and methamphetamine with the use of a confidential informant (CI). According to the CI, the suspect, only known to the CI as “Berto,” was a Mexican National who was distributing large quantities of heroin and cocaine throughout the Colorado Springs area. During the investigation, the identity of Berto was discovered. Three controlled narcotic transactions were completed with Berto that resulted in the purchase of 37.14 grams of heroin and 7.4 grams of cocaine. During the investigation, Metro VNI detectives were able to identify Berto’s primary residence and a search warrant was obtained. As a result of that search warrant, detectives recovered 83.32 grams of heroin, 127.06 grams of cocaine, three handguns (one of which was reported stolen and another was altered), and $7,775 in U.S. currency was seized. Berto was directly linked to a local branch of a larger drug trafficking organization and was believed to be the number two man in charge of this DTO, with the head of the DTO in California.

Colorado Springs Police Department Annual Report 2014.pdf