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Reader: I Almost Overdosed on Pot, But I Was Saved by Taco Bell

In a recent Comment of the Day, we featured a post in which a reader critical of the most recent sky-is-falling anti-marijuana report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area responded with wit.

Probably hundreds have OD'd on pot, he joked — yet a number of readers took him seriously.

One of those who weighed in on the latest item argues that such overdoses, treated by cannabis proponents as sheer myth, are at least theoretically conceivable. Meanwhile, another reader offers a hilarious take on the subject that sounds like it has the makings of a new Taco Bell ad campaign.

Here are these two very different takes.

Clint Jahn writes:
Respectfully, it is possible to die from a cannabis overdose if it aggravates a preexisting, possibly undiagnosed, medical condition. It is a vasoconstrictor and frequently induces anxiety attacks which profoundly effect blood pressure and respiration. If you have a serious cardiovascular issue, asthma, or a hypersensitivity it could be very bad. While eating multiple potent edibles will not kill a healthy person it can make them incredibly ill. Someone in poor health would be effected worse. That's just common sense.
Justin Roy writes:
I almost overdosed but then my buddy got me some Taco Bell and I came back from the white light.