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Former Deadbeat Club Building Destroyed by Fire

The building at 4040 East Evans Avenue was destroyed by fire (the cause of which is still under investigation) last Friday afternoon. The space was home to various nightclubs over the last decade (including Midtown Beat, Posh Ultra Lounge, Skin, Club Next and, most recently, Step Nightclub), but it was best known as the former home of the Deadbeat Club, which helped launch Regas Christou’s nightclub empire that now includes the Church, Club Vinyl, City Hall, Bar Standard, Milk, Funky Buddha and the Living Room.

Thanos Lemonidis, Christou’s nephew and current general manager of the Church and City Hall, got his start in the club business at the Deadbeat, doing whatever his uncle needed him to, from bartending to running the place. During its run, from the early '90s to 2006, the Deadbeat was more than just a storied club; it helped forge many a friendship and lifelong relationship.

“It’s so amazing the impact that place had on so many damn lives, and I don’t think Regas ever expected that,” Lemonidis says. “Just the bartenders, the relationships they established…. I mean, there are relationships going twenty years in now. Regas and I are still close to so many people that we met there.”

Lemonidis adds that it was a combination of timing and the product that his uncle was offering people that kept them coming back to the Deadbeat.

“It was the right time, and he just gave everybody what they wanted, and it was perfect. He gave them something that this town was lacking,” he adds. “He gave them incredible customer service, and there was just nothing like it. The DJs were amazing. The music was amazing. The staff was great. They took care of everybody.”

“What my uncle built back then you can never duplicate. That was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Details magazine voted it one of the top clubs in the country. Back then that was huge.”

After news of the fire came out on Friday, devotees of the club took the Facebook page dedicated to the Deadbeat to share their thoughts and photos. There will be a Deadbeat wake of sorts at the Funky Buddha this Friday with Peter Elzi, who Lemonidis says was a huge part of the Deadbeat, as well as DJ alumni and live bands. Lemonidis says there are plans for another Deadbeat reunion, which has happened over the past few years at Milk, around Thanksgiving.