Comment of the Day

Reader: Out-of-Synch Traffic Signals in Denver Cause People to Run Red Lights

The most recent chapter in our ongoing coverage of driving in Denver involved a Comment of the Day post arguing that drivers don't give a damn about red lights here.

A reader countered the claim by arguing that drivers in the Mile High City are goaded into taking risks at intersections.

Why? He believes much of the blame should be placed on unsynchronized lights that inspire red-light running rather than preventing it.

Here's what he had to say.

Trevor Marshall-Skarda writes:
I give a damn about red lights. This city's lights are just so horribly synchronized that people become desperate to get out of the congestion and end up running reds just trying to get through on yellow. If you happen to find a spot open enough to do the speed limit, you have to go considerably over it if you don't want to waste ten minutes sitting at stop lights looking at an empty intersection that you could easily get through if it weren't for the camera waiting to ruin your week.