Dear Stoner: Which Mountain Towns Sell Pot?

Dear Stoner: Which Colorado mountain towns sell recreational marijuana? I’m not saying it’ll dictate where I go skiing this winter, but it would still be nice to know.

Dear Erwin: You don’t have to lie to save face, Erwin. I’m the last person to judge you for planning your Colorado vacation around recreational marijuana — and when you see how busy these mountain-town dispensaries are, you’ll know that you’re far from the only one doing it. Most ski towns allow recreational sales — out of fear of losing tourist dollars, among other reasons — and if the town you’re thinking about visiting doesn’t, there’s a good chance the next one over does. As of today, Aspen, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Dillon, Eagle, Frisco, Georgetown, Silverthorne, Silverton, Steamboat Springs and Telluride all allow recreational sales, but rec stores remain banned in Avon, Vail and Winter Park. Check for a complete list of recreational dispensaries around the state, as well as an updated look at who sells what where. Still, if you’re flying into Denver before trekking up to the mountains, you might want to buy your pot in the city: Prices at ski-town dispensaries are routinely higher.

Dear Stoner: I was just at a dispensary that was selling something called “live sift,” which basically looked like some discolored kief. I asked the budtender what it was, and she mumbled something about bubble hash.

Dear Sky: I don’t know what that budtender was talking about, because it’s definitely not a form of bubble hash. Kief is a collection of trichomes sifted from cannabis buds, which “live sift” technically is — but the process of extracting it is a little more detailed than shaking around some loose flower in your grinder. Instead of breaking up and sifting cured pot like a forty-niner panning for gold, you make live sift by deep-freezing freshly harvested cannabis plants, then sifting the buds through a couple of micron screens and collecting the trichomes that fall through. Just as it does with live resin, the freezing process preserves terpenes and oils from when the plant was alive, giving live sift an extremely smooth and flavorful hit (no more throat-scarring kief). However, unlike live resin, sift is free of solvents and is even said to maintain more terpenes and resin glands because of it, making it a preferred choice for purists and medical patients. If you ever decide to purchase some, treat it just as you would kief: a few pinches over a bowl or in a vaporizer provides one helluva fade.

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