Word of Mouth

Reader: Another Bitter and Pretentious Review

The dual missions of Baur's Restaurant and Listening Lounge are made clear in its name — but it's not easy combining the two in a single space, as Gretchen Kurtz noted in her recent review of Baur's, which moved into a historic downtown space this year and has already made some changes.  And readers are split, too. Says Steve:
I have been to the Baur's space when it was the Victory American Grill and the room does seem to be suited for more of a music lounge than a restaurant. It should be one or the other. There's nothing more irritating than live loud music when you're trying to enjoy a nice dinner.
But Kem has no problem coming up with a single opinion of Kurtz's review:
No surprise, another bitter and pretentious review by Kurtz.
Have you been to Baur's? For the music? For the food? What did you think of the place? Of Kurtz's review?