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Reader: Gary Lee Bomar Will Be Missed — Share Memories Friday!

The sad news came on Sunday: Gary Lee Bomar, the owner of Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub at 176 South Broadway, had passed away after sustaining a head injury on a trip to Mexico. A gofundme campaign to pay for his treatment there and his return to Swedish Medical Center has now turned into an effort to cover the outstanding medical bills and help his family make memorial arrangements. In the meantime, "THIS BAR ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE," says a note on the Gary Lee's Motor Club website. "We are open and we are going to stay that way. There's a memorial service on Friday at 6pm at the bar. Everyone is asking what they can do to help.... Come to the bar, have drinks and share a story about Gary. Our staff is hurting but we know how important it is to be open for all of you.”

Forlorn fans are already sharing stories and feelings about Gary. Says Kristine:
My husband and I would strap on our little dog and ride out to Gary Lee's every chance we got. He always came out to pet Bouchie and pass the time of day. It was a highlight of many of our rides. He will be sorely missed.
Adds Niklas:
We lost another one of the good guys.
Concludes Ann Marie:
Godspeed Gary Lee. Condolences to his family.
What will you remember about Gary Lee?