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Weekend Break-In at the Source Strikes a Blow to Svper Ordinary

Monday morning, Tran Wills of Svper Ordinary in the Source put out a plaintive plea on Facebook after the gallery and boutique co-owned by Wills, her husband, Josh Wills, Pedro Barrios and Bryan Cavanaugh, was burglarized over the weekend.

“Today I've cried about fifty times. Can we start this week over?! Our  space was burglarized last night and we will be forced to close today. We’re working hard to get things back up and running (with a very limited inventory) and we’re hoping this will just be a minor setback. Most of the inventory that was stolen was jewelry. To all of our friends, designers and artists in the local community: please let us know if you see or hear about any of the following jewelry lines being sold in odd/random places (craigslist, eBay, pawnshops, Buffalo Exchange Colorado etc.): Barrow PDX @barrowpdx, Blade & Knoll @bladeandknoll, By Boe @byboe, Doozie Jewelry @doozie_jewelry, Evette Telyas @evettttte, Native Clutter @nativeclutter, Ornate Chaos @ornatechaosjewelry, Ox Bow Designs @oxbowdesigns, Union Studio Metals @unionstudiometals, Vitaly @vitalydesign. Please share and keep an eye out for us!”

We caught up Tuesday with Wills, who says it isn’t just her business that is suffering from losses, but a whole network of cottage industries that keep the local economy strong.

“Everyone in the community has been so supportive, wanting to help us,” Wills notes. “We are just glad no one got hurt, and at the end of day, it's just stuff. Our designers and artists are family to us, and so a lot of them have been amazing, wanting to donate pieces to us to get us back up and running again, which makes our hearts smile. And I think just to have everyone in the community — local shops, designers, artists and resale shops — be on the lookout if they see someone selling a lot of handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to call the police or us.

“Josh, Bryan, Pedro and I are SVPER thankful for all the love and support!”

Have you spotted contraband on the market this week? Visit Svper Ordinary online or on Facebook, or contact the police with any tips.